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Don't Wait Any Longer To Take the First Step Towards a Stronger Relationship.

This book will comprehensively cover all the things you need to know in order to improve your relationship with your partner. You will discover topics ranging from mindset, and communication methods to physical differences and emotional needs. I have also included Action Guide to complement your learning process within the book.

Discover biblical principles for a stronger marriage

A deeper understanding of biblical principles for marriage and relationships: By studying scriptural teachings on love, respect, forgiveness, and other key elements of successful relationships, readers may gain a deeper understanding of how to apply these principles in their own lives.

Experience renewed hope and joy in your relationships

A renewed sense of hope and joy in their relationships: By learning how to cultivate a deeper connection with their spouse and others, readers may experience renewed joy and fulfillment in their relationships, and feel more confident in their ability to navigate challenges and build strong, lasting bonds.

FREE BONUS Included: The Course & Book Companion Action Guide

This is the companion guide to be used with the Less Conflict - More Joy! course and book. It is available in downloadable or printable form. You can follow each lesson, whether with the book or the course, and use this to make a dramatic impact on your marriage.



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Book Overview

Book Overview

Overview &

Some Crazy Stories

Discover the marriage problems and learn real-life examples.

Chapter 1:

Mindset - Envision Love

Learn how any couple can be married for a lifetime.

Chapter 2:

Bring the Joy! Your Superpower

Find out how to fuel your passion for love with the power of joy.

Chapter 3:

Bring the Joy with Your Smile

Discover your secret weapon of joy that you have all along and how to use it effectively.

Chapter 4:

Create an Atmosphere of Playfulness

Learn about the strategies to effectively create the right environment for your marriage.

Chapter 5:

The Five Love Languages

Understand love’s true nature and know how to interpret it.

Chapter 6:

Reduce Conflict

Eliminate the source of all conflicts by comprehending its nature.

Chapter 7:

Runner vs. Chasers

Discover the marriage problems and learn real-life examples.

Chapter 8:

Spiritual Connection

Discover the way to strengthen and deepen your love by going beyond the physical bond you have with your spouse.

Chapter 9:

God-given Masculine Traits

Understand the fundamental difference between you and your man and learn to appreciate who he is.

Chapter 10:

Managing Finances

Find out the right ways to effectively manage your money and reduce financial conflicts.

Chapter 11:

The Importance of Intimacy

Know how important intimate activities really are, and how often you should engage in them.

Chapter 12:

Avoid These Pitfalls

Learn to steer your marriage away from troubles by applying practical tips and tricks to your relationship.

Chapter 13:

Hormones, PMS and Birth Control

Understand how your body mechanism works, how it can affect your mood and your day and learn how to handle them.

Chapter 14:

Understand More About Your Man

Grow closer to your man by knowing and meeting his needs, so that he can meet yours.


A Man's Three Basic Needs

Take a closer look at your man and his real desires and needs.

What People Are Saying

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“This study is the encouragement I needed to help my marriage thrive in the midst of having a newborn and toddler and to help us go from good to great! I love Theresa's practical tips and real-life examples. She's vulnerable sharing her failed marriage story, and now successful blended family marriage, which says it all."

Holly W.

"Amazing course! Faith centered, raw, and packed full of wisdom for the millennial woman. The action items at the end of each video really helped me apply the content in a practical way. My mindset and how I communicate in my marriage has changed for the better!"

Maria D.

"The Action Guide was straightforward and easy. It really got me thinking outside the box, and I have been going back through my notes and brainstorming new ideas.”

Libby H.

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Book Overview

Simple Strategies for the Woman of Faith. Increasing Your Love, Happiness, and Communication

Give YOURSELF a chance to improve your relationship!

Just like planning out your work schedule, you need to invest your time and energy in your relationship to make it beautiful and to ensure that you have a strong foundation for your marriage.

You Will Learn:

  • ​How to communicate better with your spouse
  • ​The methods to rebuild love and respect
  • ​To avoid conflicts that create a wedge between you
  • ​What it takes to create a joyful marriage that goes the distance
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Theresa is known for her passion and expertise when it comes to the topics of relationships and marriages.

With over thirty-year experience in marriage, she has been helping women of faith embrace their values and motivate them to overcome obstacles on their path to happiness in marriages.

She wishes to share the time-honored wisdom of God and grandmothers to transform modern relationships and set them up for success.
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